Product Overview


Barrel Vault

From: £5500.00

A tensile fabric double cantilever barrel-vault shade structure

The Oxford is a fully engineered tensile fabric double cantilevered barrel vault canopy with a central gutter to collect and drain rainwater down the legs. Big enough to cover two cars side by side it can also provide shade and rain protection in a number of different applications such as walkways, and with add-on units can be extended as far as is needed. Fabricated from H/D tubular steel with formed tensile fabric canopies, these structures offer a long-term solution for the protection of vehicles and pedestrians from rain, snow, direct sunlight, tree sap, bird lime etc.

  • Wide range of fabric colours available
  • Accessories include lighting & IR heating
  • Fully adaptable including custom designs
  • Warranted for ten years under tension
  • ArcCan installation teams operate Worldwide

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