Chelsea Hypar Canopy

A tensile fabric hypar canopy with curved tubular steel posts

Chelsea Tensile Fabric Hypar Canopy

The Chelsea hypar (sail) canopy with six graceful curved columns creates a covered area that is both practical and chic.

A common misconception about sail canopies is that they aren't suited for year-round use. This is because a significant number of hypar canopies are fitted with a porous shade sail material, but with all ArcCan Hypar Canopies we offer the choice of both porous shade only and fully waterproof fabric, meaning a permanent solution is possible and that longevity doesn't have to be compromised in the search for style.

Often specified by architects and landscape designers for use in hotels, public realm developments or by schools and colleges to cover a performance space, the Chelsea is for those spaces where you want to add the wow factor.

As with all of ArcCan's standard products, the Chelsea Hypar Canopy is guaranteed for 10-years against heavy rain, wind and snow, and with a 20-year minimum life expectancy, you have the assurance you are investing for the future.

Prices from £12,500 + VAT

Product Features

  • Wide range of fabric colours available
  • Fully adaptable including custom designs
  • Warranted for ten years under tension
  • ArcCan installation teams operate Worldwide

Product Specifications

  • Warranty: 10-years on all parts
  • Structure Framework & Finish: Steel shot blast, zinc sprayed and polyester powder coated to any standard RAL or BS colour
  • Structure Width: Min 6m to Max 10m diameter
  • Structure Length: Min 6m to Max 10m diameter
  • Structure Area: From 36m2
  • Canopy Style: Hypar (Hyperbolic Paraboloid)
  • Canopy Shape: 6 Sided Polygon
  • Free Standing: Yes
  • Available Fabric: PVC-Coated Waterproof or Porous Knitted Shade Cloth
  • Modular Structure: No
  • Sides Available: No
  • Gutters: No

3D Model