Commercial Canopies & Sails

Huge Shade Structures Can Be Designed With Life Spans in Excess of 40 Years to Meet Clients’ Requirements


  • Worldwide installation service
  • Civil engineering partners
  • Flexible photovoltaic panels
  • Project management services
  • Maintenance and cleaning services
  • Framed fabric hangers
  • Representatives in-country


  • Low energy LED lighting
  • Infra-red heating
  • Air-conditioning

The Sky's The Limit With ArcCan Commercial Shade Structures

With the expertise to design the largest and most sophisticated of tensile fabric structures, ArcCan’s engineering department regularly turn big ideas into reality.

ArcCan’s commercial canopies division has designed, built and installed tensile fabric British Embassy security entrance shelters in Nepal & Ethiopia, fuel station canopies, courtyard canopies in Europe, and pedestrian waiting shelters in Armenia.

Our portfolio includes domed roofs that cover amphitheatres and cable-net canopies to cover aircraft. We have installed internal shades within large atriums and offer a Worldwide installation service throughout Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and the Americas. ArcCan tensile fabric structures are different as they have been engineered to withstand all possible weather conditions known to take place at the location they are needed.

For this reason, they represent an excellent investment with a designed lifespan of over 15 years. All our tensile fabric structures are waterproof with high-quality architectural lacquered PVC coated polyester membranes, rigging, and fittings are in marine grade stainless steel, so our structures' longevity is assured.

Our Middle East office has recently opened in Dubai. Our design team has created a range of enormous shade structures for the aviation industry, protecting aircraft from excessive heat-soak whilst parked using specialist fabrics that reduce radiated heat by more than 40%.

Whilst we are a small team, we have an enviable group of strategic partners that enable us to compete with the best when winning contracts at home and abroad. Our level of expertise in the design and engineering of super-large structures is second to none.

No project is too small or too large, and we are ready to offer our skills to create tensile fabric structures for usage anywhere in the World.

Mayfield Tensile Fabric Hypar Walkway Canopy

Featured Product: Mayfield

A tensile fabric hypar canopy with two opposed curved arches

The Mayfield is an outstanding structure with a wave-form hypar membrane. It has been designed so that single units can be inter-connected to produce walkways or larger covered areas with a minimum of obstruction from columns. The quad version produces a large square ,multi-hypar canopy with just four columns or a walkway can be formed by attaching units end to end.