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Elegant and practical shade structures have a timeless quality that will enhances the beauty of your garden.


  • Nationwide service
  • All-year-round use in all weathers
  • 10 year framework guarantee
  • Free 3D visualisations
  • Engineered structures
  • Timber and steel frames
  • Dedicated project management
  • Over 30 pre-engineered designs


  • Low energy LED lighting
  • Infra-red heating

High Quality Stylish Canopies Designed For Your Garden

Simple off-the-shelf shadesails have been around for quite a few years, providing a relatively cheap temporary solution where shade is needed over an outdoor seating area, hot tub etc. however these lightweight sails are no match for the British weather, and sadly, they deteriorate very fast, often needing to be replaced each year, especially if they have been left up all winter. Arccan shade sails on the other hand, are manufactured from high quality shadecloth and support structures are fully engineered to allow for maximum use during the Summer, however, as a precaution we recommend that they should be taken down during the winter especially if snow is likely.

ArcCan tensile fabric structures are different as they have been engineered to withstand all possible weather conditions known to take place at the location they are needed, for this reason they represent an excellent investment with a designed lifespan of over 15years. Our range of shade structures also add style to any garden, whether a conic fabric clad timber gazebo, or a saddle shaped tensile fabric awning tensioned between four or more columns, a lean-to which offers a practical permanent shade solution in place of a retractable awning, or a courtyard shade attached to an existing building. All our tensile fabric structures are waterproof with high quality architectural lacquered PVC/polyester membranes, rigging and fittings are in marine grade stainless steel so the longevity of our structures is assured.

We offer a complete service, including design, manufacture and installation as well as an aftercare service to ensure that your canopy give you maximum life. We are happy to adapt our standard models to suit your requirements and can provide 3D & 2D models during the design stage, with concept images showing structures in the proposed environment for a small charge.


Featured Product: Amberley

A tensile fabric square coned gazebo with a timber frame

This stylish garden gazebo with its crafted timber frame and tensile fabric coned canopy has become a popular choice for garden designers creating entertainment space in private or commercial environments. Often specified as a seating area in a sensory garden or as a refuge in a woodland setting, the structure can be supplied in softwood, Oak or Iroko to blend in with the surroundings.