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Shade Sails vs Tensile Canopies

Shade Sails vs Tensile Canopies – Which is Better?

By Nick Martin / November 11, 2021

Shade sails (also known as sail shades) and tensile fabric structures (AKA tensile canopies) share some similar characteristics – they are both two examples of shade structures, they usually comprise tensioned canopies on steel posts and are excellent at providing an area of sunshade. They are both also suited to a variety of applications from…

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How To Make Your Beer Garden Stand Out

By Nick Martin / October 18, 2021

Outdoor dining in the UK is on the rise as more people become aware of the amazing health benefits that it can offer. According to a recent study, 82% of diners want restaurants to continue to increase outdoor seating. But let’s face it – the British weather has never been the most conducive to dining outdoors.…

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Considering a Garden Canopy? Ask Yourself These Questions

By Nick Martin / September 28, 2021

Installing a garden canopy is one of the most common ways of upgrading a private home whether that be with a sail canopy, glass veranda or retractable roof pergola. When done right, a canopy is a fabulous addition to any garden and will have the benefit of increasing the value of your home. The growing…

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Sustainability of Tensile Fabric Structures

The Sustainability of Tensile Fabric Structures

By Nick Martin / September 13, 2021

We all want to play a part in building a more sustainable future both as an individual and in business. In construction, adopting more sustainable building methods will increase positive brand association and reduce costs both in the short term and long term. You may be aware of some of the more prominent advantages of…

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Tensile Fabric Structures 101: What Are They & What Are Their Uses?

By Nick Martin / August 25, 2021

If you have no idea what ‘tensile fabric structure‘ means, then you are not alone! However, it’s highly likely that you have encountered a fabric structure at some point in your life. A tensile fabric structure – also referred to as a tension structure, fabric structure or sail structure – consists of a rigid frame…

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5 Valuable Benefits of Tensile Fabric Structures

By Nick Martin / May 12, 2021

Tensile fabric structures present the opportunity to cover pretty much any area imaginable – from expansive sports stadiums and amphitheatres to small playground canopies. In this article, we take a look quick at just 5 of the many benefits that tensile fabric structures offer. 1. Versatility With tensile fabric structures, there are many possible styles,…

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Royale Tensile Fabric Courtyard Canopy

3 Benefits of Investing in a School Canopy

By Nick Martin / February 22, 2021

When a school, nursery or university purchases a canopy, they are not only committing to improving their facilities but also improving the wellbeing of their students. The benefits of installing a school canopy are endless, whether the use is for an outdoor classroom, play area or covered walkway. Read on for our top 3 reasons…

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