3 Benefits of Investing in a School Canopy

When a school, nursery or university purchases a canopy, they are not only committing to improving their facilities but also improving the wellbeing of their students.

The benefits of installing a school canopy are endless, whether the use is for an outdoor classroom, play area or covered walkway. Read on for our top 3 reasons to consider a school canopy.

1. More Enjoyable Outdoor Play

It’s not much fun for kids being stuck indoors, most would rather play outside. With a covered area, the outdoor play doesn’t have to stop when it starts raining. An ArcCan shade offers year-round protection from the notoriously unpredictable British weather. Whether the sun is scorching or the rain is lashing it down, a good quality canopy will serve to protect students all year round.

2. Increased Opportunity For Outdoor Learning

Recent studies have shown the mental, physical and academic benefits that outdoor learning can have on young people. Not only is it an important part of a child’s physical health to be outside, but exposure to nature and outdoor learning has been proven to boost academic performance.

3. A Cost-Effective Extension

With the potential costs of a new education building running over £1 million, it’s only natural for head teachers and school leaders to look for more economic ways to provide a sheltered area within their grounds. We help to extend school facilities, putting less strain on current buildings which results in fewer students lingering in hallways causing a disruption. The purpose of every ArcCan structure is to improve the existing landscape and facilities of the client, and often becomes a key feature wherever it is installed. Our structures are designed and engineered to provide an expected life of up to 25-years.

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