Retractable & Louvred Roofs

Have the Best of Both Worlds With the Dual Benefit of Shade and Open-Air Bliss at Your Choosing

The ArcCan Guarantee

  • Nationwide service
  • All-weather canopies providing a 10-year framework guarantee
  • Free 3D visualisations
  • Dedicated project management
  • Over 40 pre-engineered designs
  • Equip with accessories such as low energy LED lighting infra-red heating


  • PVC precontraint waterproof fabric
  • Powder coated aluminium framework
  • Alternative fabrics on request in addition to louvred roofs

Retractable Roof Systems That Don't Compromise on Quality

ArcCan has a solution to the problem of outdoor dining in the British climate, whether it's a fixed or retractable roof that's desired by the client. When done correctly, a retractable framed awning system will add style and beauty to any setting but is especially useful to restaurant or hotel managers needing to increase the amount of usable seating at any time of year.

We have a wide range of retractable roof systems and louvred roofs catering to all budgets and specifications, from practical and straightforward lean-tos to free-standing structures with retractable louvres and integrated gutters.

All of our retractable roof pergolas are modular, meaning that it's possible to cover any width imaginable.

A retractable roof allows you to combat the diverse weather that the UK and Europe throws up. Tipping it down in June? No problem, close the roof and continue to enjoy your meal or garden party. Perhaps it's one of those early spring days where it's chilly, but the sun is shining - open up the roof and let those sun rays warm you up.

We also supply heating and lighting accessories with our retractable roofs for those cooler evenings.

The complete flexibility and all-weather construction of ArcCan retractable roofs is why we can guarantee each structure for 10-years of permanent usage against all normal wind, rain and snow loads.

Our canopies offer superb value when considering that the average lifespan of an ArcCan structure is 20-years. For restaurant and bar owners, where a typical project will double the number of covers without a rent increase, that means a significant return on investment. For homeowners tired of cheap umbrellas and wanting to upgrade their home, a retractable or louvred roof pergola guarantees the extension of your facilities in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Our most affordable retractable pergola is the Alutecnic or Wood, offering all the advantages listed above but with rainwater directed to the front or sides only.

Except for the Wood, we manufacture all of our retractable and louvred roof pergolas from high-quality aluminium and powder coated to a standard colour. Still, they can be finished to any meet any RAL colour at a small surcharge.

These structures are usually wall mounted onto an existing structural wall or steelwork with a minimum of two columns. They are perfect for creating a seamless transition from inside to outside.

A more advanced structure may be required for projects that require effective rainwater management and cover vast depths of 6 metres and over. Covering significant depths requires a horizontal roof rather than a sloping roof; the Rialto is an excellent choice in this instance, with motorised operation integrated gutters supplied as standard.

We can offer a turnkey service, from expert design and engineering to manufacturing and installation and an aftercare service that ensures maximum life on your structure. We are just as capable of providing a design only or supply only service if that's what your project requires.

Whatever the choice, our high-quality retractable roofs & louvred structures offer a long-term solution to outdoor dining – thus fully embracing the trend of going 'al fresco'.

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What is a Louvred Roof?

A contemporary solution to outdoor dining

A louvred roof contains a series of horizontal metal blades evenly dispersed across the structure's roof. These blades open, close or tilt at the desired angle to allow fresh air, sunlight and weather protection.

Louvred roof pergolas are leading the way for architects and end-users seeking an ultra-modern and eye-catching design.

Our louvred roof range includes the VisionOperaBrera and Connect Glass Room.

Popular Add-Ons

  • Integrated gutters built into the framework
  • Powder coating to meet any RAL colour
  • Wind and/or rain sensors
  • LED lighting
  • Infra-red heating
  • Side awnings
  • Fixed or sliding glass slides

How to Specify Our Retractable Roof Ststems

If you are an architect or specifier we would be delighted for you to specify ArcCan for your next shading project. To specify our products, head to our product search page to find the most suitable product.

On each product page, there is a technical specification that covers the essentials. For more information and 3D CAD drawings please contact us.