Canopy Aftercare & Maintenance

Safeguarding your investment with a cleaning and maintenance plan

Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Cleaning & Maintenance Services


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Safeguarding Your Investment With a Cleaning and Maintenance Plan

Cleaning and maintaining a tensile fabric structure is absolutely essential, just the same as any building needs to be looked after to ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate.

With all tensile fabric membranes, maintaining the tension is the key to a long and useful life – canopies that become loose, will, over time, stretch and tear due to the dynamic loads caused by wind & rain. Similarly, regular professional cleaning will stop the fabric from becoming ingrained with dirt that can build up from dust and airborne pollutants caused by traffic and building works, as well as falling leaves from trees and shrubs.

ArcCan offer a full aftercare service that includes membrane cleaning using specialist chemicals that don’t harm the environment, a thorough check on all connections, re-adjustment of rigging screws, cables, steel support structures etc. and the provision of a report on the general condition so that future maintenance schedules can be planned. Wherever possible minor repairs can be carried out on site including touch up of steelwork paintwork. For your convenience, we can work outside of trading hours, evenings and weekends as required.

If you have a tensile fabric structure that is need of a little TLC please call the sales office for a quote.

Coolspan Shade Sails

Brighton & Hove City Council

Regularly servicing the Council's shadesails since 2010

Since fitting multiple Coolspan shade sails at the Peter Pan & King's Road playgrounds on Brighton seafront, we have provided Brighton & Hove City Council with a cleaning & maintenance plan. The service includes one trip to take down the sails (usually in October), clean & storage over the winter, and then a subsequent trip to re-fit in the spring.