5 Valuable Benefits of Tensile Fabric Structures

Tensile fabric structures present the opportunity to cover pretty much any area imaginable – from expansive sports stadiums and amphitheatres to small playground canopies. In this article, we take a look quick at just 5 of the many benefits that tensile fabric structures offer.

1. Versatility

With tensile fabric structures, there are many possible styles, shapes and colours that can be adapted to individual specifications.

This makes tensile fabric structures suited to a wide range of domestic and commercial applications, from outdoor dining canopies to covered walkways to entrance canopies.

2. Visually Appealing

Tensile fabric structures are lightweight and provide a unique range of visually appealing three dimension options. These structures serve to create a visual focus of attention and bring prestige and sophistication to any location.

3. Durability

Tensile structures are known for their durability and long-lasting effect. You can expect a quality tensile fabric structure to have a lifespan of 25 years plus.

4. Minimal Ongoing Maintenance

Providing the structure is looked after there is very little ongoing maintenance required with tensile fabric structures. Aside from an annual cleaning and maintenance survey you can be rest assured your canopy will not deteriorate over time.

5. Ability To Cover A Significant Area

Tensile fabric structures can create an expansive covered area. It’s entirely possible to make structures modular that provide a large open space underneath to allow for maximum use of the covered area. The other factor that clearly puts fabric ahead of other materials is that they don’t use the same rigid intermediate support that other structures require, meaning it’s possible to cover significant distances clear span.

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