Mayfield Hypar Walkway

A tensile fabric hypar canopy within two opposed curved arches

Mayfield Tensile Fabric Hypar Walkway Canopy

The Mayfield is an outstanding structure with a wave-form hypar membrane. It has been designed so that single units can be interconnected to produce walkways or larger covered areas with a minimum of obstruction from columns. The quad version produces a large square, multi-hypar canopy with just four columns or a hypar walkway can be formed by attaching units end to end. This structure is available in a wide range of unit sizes from 32 metres squared and can be assembled to cover any conceivable area.

We have an extensive range of fabric colours that can be neutral or bold and can be configured to suit the location whether that be modern or traditional. Most hypar modules are square, but it's also possible to design structures that are slightly rectangular or irregular.

As with all of ArcCan's standard products, the Mayfield Hypar Walkway is guaranteed for 10-years against heavy rain, wind and snow, and with a 20-year minimum life expectancy, you have the peace of mind that you are investing for the future.

Prices from £12,650 + VAT

Product Features

  • Choice of architectural fabrics
  • Accessories include lighting & IR heating
  • Fully adaptable including custom designs
  • Warranted for ten years under tension
  • ArcCan installation teams operate Worldwide

Product Specifications

  • Warranty: 10-years on all parts
  • Structure Framework & Finish: Steel shot blast, zinc sprayed and polyester powder coated to any standard RAL or BS colour
  • Structure Width: Min 4m (one unit)
  • Structure Length: Min 8m (one unit)
  • Structure Area: From 32m2
  • Canopy Style: Hypar (Hyperbolic Paraboloid)
  • Canopy Shape: Polygon
  • Free Standing: Yes
  • Available Fabric: PVC-Coated Waterproof or Porous Knitted Shade Cloth
  • Modular Structure: Yes
  • Sides Available: Yes
  • Gutters: No (Optional)

3D Model