Level Aluminium Pergola

A wall-mounted aluminium pergola with a motorised awning

Level Aluminium Pergola

The Level is a retractable awning structure ideal for creating suggestive environments in your garden and on the terrace. The level has been designed for the pleasure of living in the open air thanks to its solidity and elegance.

We all want a more personal connection with the outdoor spaces we have around us, for a place to escape to, while at the same time being able to enjoy weather protection from the sun's UV rays and rain. The Level is a single pitch retractable pergola designed with beauty and functionality in mind. This structure consists of an aluminium frame and stainless steel components, that comes with standard or special colours to add that touch to your personal style.

This aluminium pergola comes available with wall mounting as standard & highly stable waterproof fabric. It also features a rainwater management system that allows the water to flow inside the posts, without the need for external gutters. LED Line lights are also available, as well as side awnings and glass doors.

It's possible to cover a small garden patio and with a maximum width of 13m and a maximum depth of 6.5m, it means that outdoor seating areas in restaurants can enjoy the options that a retractable pergola provides.

As with all of ArcCan's standard products, the Level Aluminium Pergola is guaranteed for 10-years against heavy rain, wind and snow, and with a 20-year minimum life expectancy, you have the assurance you are investing for the future.

Prices from £4,000 + VAT

Product Features

  • Self-supporting
  • Slack or stretched fabric
  • Micro-porous fabric
  • Under fabric
  • Custom colours
  • LED line lights
  • Windy side closures
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Sliding framed glass doors
  • Pareo fixed panels
  • Automation

Product Specifications

  • Warranty: 10-years on the structure, 2-years on the electrics
  • Structure Framework & Finish: Aluminium, polyester powder coated
  • Structure Width: Min 2.5m to Max 13m
  • Structure Length: Min 2m to Max 6.5m
  • Structure Area: From 5m2
  • Standard Colours: Iron Grey, White Ivory, Corten
  • Custom Colours: Tiger Coating Class 2, RAL Other
  • Fully Retracting Roof: Yes
  • Free Standing: Wall Mounted
  • Available Fabric: PVC Precontraint 622 Fire-Resistant Waterproof
  • Modular Structure: Yes
  • Sides Available: Yes
  • Gutters: Yes